Appreciation rises to the top for employee satisfaction

Creating happy and productive employees requires your kudos.

Our modern day organizations are large and complex, and our individual and collective efforts can often feel unrecognized. New research shows that letting these accomplishments go unnoticed can be disastrous for employers that want to retain top talent and encourage a more engaged workplace.

A new study from PayScale that surveyed over 500,000 employees showed that appreciation was by far the most important factor influencing employee satisfaction. It significantly outranked communication, professional development, manager relationships, salary, and even overall company outlook as the most significant component for employees.

Being recognized for our contributions is not an unusual need. And, although developmental feedback is not always easy to provide or receive, we are hardwired to seek feedback and accolades from others. Receiving feedback helps us understand our strengths, and also helps condition us to recognize the strengths of others and in turn reward them with our appreciation.

A successful organization is not built out of homogenous talent. It’s our differences and the ability to express them in our work that make a group of individuals into a collective. Showing appreciation for individual contributions validates the effort of your employees and strengthens the team.

So how can you take the first step? Start the process yourself by publicly recognizing an accomplishment of a colleague. If you’re a team-lead, take it upon yourself to celebrate the diversity of thought within your group, and to continuously praise individual contributions every member of your team brings to the table.

Employees that are happy at work are more engaged and more productive. It’s common-sense, and it doesn’t need to be challenging. We communicate continuously, and we should praise and receive feedback continuously as well.

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