Replace The Annual Survey and Overhaul Your Culture

It’s time to change. Don’t wait to switch from annual engagement surveys to continuous feedback.

Are you holding onto your annual engagement survey because you’re just not sure you have time to switch to a more continuous feedback platform? You aren’t alone.

Still, you know something has to change. Understanding your employees and giving them a voice is vital to their engagement, and annual surveys are no longer effective. Our modern business climate has outgrown the idea of being able to check-in just once a year. Constant disruption throughout every industry demands action.

Continuous feedback allows progressive leaders to start implementing change right away. Transitioning to this more agile solution awards you with actionable insights from the very first question you ask. The voices employees share allow leaders to know how and where to respond within the organization, and that response leads to a rapid rise in employee engagement. The process is helpful and rewarding, and easier than you might think.

Still curious about the best ways to begin the process? Try sending out a pulse that uses an appreciative inquiry. Examples of appreciative inquiry questions include:

  • What is one thing we should do to ensure that we achieve our organization’s goals for this year?

  • What is one thing your manager does that inspires you to deliver your best work?

  • Share one experience or story that demonstrates effective leadership or outstanding teamwork at our organization.

Appreciative inquiry helps your workforce understand that you care, and provides an opportunity to follow up and show you’re listening. It’s a great first step to begin creating a listening culture and can immediately boost involvement and collective buy-in.

Partnering with an organization, like Waggl, gives you access to a team that works with you to make the process easier than ever before. Coordinated analytical consultation sheds light on where to begin your process. You have the freedom of asking your own questions or creating them collaboratively with individuals trained to understand organizations like yours. At your fingertips is the powerful Denison D-12 module, a proven framework for change.

Everyone in your organization has a voice. When you listen and respond to the workforce, they will enable you to be a more successful and progressive leader. Take a step towards higher performance today.

Waggl does the heavy lifting so you can reap the rewards of an engaged workforce. Get in touch to set up a demo, and see just how simple continuous feedback can be.