Connection is Vital in the Face of Disaster

Human connection is essential for resiliency. Let’s come together to support those in need.

The recent natural disasters worldwide have shed light on our shared struggles, and the responsibility we all have as humans to listen, care, and support each other.

As a business, Waggl’s philosophies are steeped in a study of natural systems. This science is called biomimicry. We understand that the world offers multiple learning opportunities that can improve our lives and organizations.

Unfortunately, the world can also dish out disaster and pain, and sometimes, it seems that happens disproportionately to what is fair or manageable for regions to respond to.

An increasing prevalence of natural disasters is exposing areas that need additional support. As an international company that employs remote team members from several different parts of the world, we’ve had several Wagglers directly affected by recent hurricanes and earthquakes.

We begin our day at Waggl everyday with a daily video stand-up. This includes employees both remote and local, and gives us all a chance to share our best achievements from the day past, and our goals for the day going forward. With this practice we hold ourselves accountable and also inspire community despite our distance.

It was a relief to see Juan and Carlos via video a few days after Hurricane Irma, which was supposed to hit hard. Puerto Rico’s damage wasn’t as bad as had been projected and the island wasn’t hit as hard as it’s neighbors. However, just two weeks later Hurricane Maria reached the island and caused total devastation.  Now, and into the future, there is a continuous need for support to repair and restore the American territory.

Today, we’d like to focus the attention of the Waggl blog on connecting you to some resources that can allow you to easily support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico. News cycles can change quickly, but these devastated areas need relief now and will continue to need assistance for months and years to come.  Here are two worthy support organizations in Puerto Rico that need donations and/or volunteers:   

Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund:

Red Cross:

We are thankful that our Wagglers from Mexico do not live near the epicenter of the recent earthquake. Still, in light of the tremendous devastation that occurred in Mexico City and surrounding areas, Wagglers Cesar and Ruben encourage support of the following charities:

Red Cross Through Amazon Pay:

Volunteer Rescue Brigade in Mexico:
If you feel moved to help, please take this opportunity to help those around you, and reflect on the importance of staying emotionally, psychologically, and logistically connected in order to make meaningful change in our world.