Presenting “Thrival: The Path to Creating a High-Performing, Resilient Organization.”

Our new white paper outlines a path towards organizational resiliency.

At Waggl, we care deeply about providing a service that helps organizations connect to the wisdom within any group: people. Progressive leaders all over the world are moving their employee feedback processes to always-on listening for always-on engagement.

Listening is a fundamental building block around which our company is based. We believe that everyone within an organization can offer valuable insight that ultimately benefits the organization as a whole.

In every organization, listening has never been more crucial to success than it is now. We are operating in an era of digital disruption that has made listening more challenging while disengagement becomes increasingly prevalent. In “Thrival,” we break down a listening culture into a methodology that can apply to any organization in any industry.

In order to become high-performing, organizations also need to become resilient and able to withstand the inevitable change every company encounters. Two fundamental building blocks are essential to creating high performance: inclusion and transparency.

Keep checking back here in the near future as we explore how the concepts in the white paper can be applied to multiple industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, and for civic leadership.

Read more in Waggl’s new whitepaper, now available for free download here.