Disrupting the Employee Voice Process

Join Matt Gosney, VP of Organizational Development at UCHealth, for our upcoming webinar.

When UCHealth set out to disrupt their existing employee voice process their intent was to fundamentally change what the communication in the organization looked like. Still, it was a bold move to replace the annual engagement survey with continuous feedback.
“Will it actually improve employee engagement? We didn’t know for sure. Some engagement processes don’t improve engagement but can erode it,” said Matt Gosney.
As the Vice President of Organizational Development, Matt knew the organization needed to create a forward leaning process that would improve engagement and build trust within the organization. The innovative new Employee Voice process aims to create a consistent methodology that promotes transparency, immediacy, alignment, and accountability for leaders and staff.
Collecting continuous feedback with a simple question set shed light on the biggest pain points in the organization, and which themes were most acutely urgent to address. Leaders felt a sense of urgency around the process and were easily enabled with the actionable responses generated from the short pulses.
“What our employees saw was that ‘my leader did something about this, and it’s making a difference.’ That leads to an engaged workforce, and our data suggests that the process works,” said Matt.
Within just one quarter, UCHealth saw engagement scores significantly improve throughout the organization. Rapid and consistent improvement continues as leaders and employees engage in authentic, transparent dialogue focused on creating a place where everyone can thrive.
At Waggl, we are thrilled to count Matt Gosney among our community of progressive leaders. We look forward to continuing to watch the exciting progress UCHealth is making in coming months.
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