Waggl Stands with heads of diversity and inclusion strategizing for equality.

Participants at Women Funded: 2017 will use Waggl to crowdsource insights.

Women’s Funding Network is the largest network in the world devoted to women and girls. Their mission is to address critical global issues ranging from poverty to complex social issues by bringing together the financial power and influence of founders of gender equity.

Women Funded: 2017 will bring together 350 women’s fund and foundation leaders, corporate foundations devoted to equality, and heads of diversity and inclusion initiatives. The event will take place in San Francisco from September 6-8.

What does equity for women and girls look like to you? At Waggl, we believe that every member of society has a valuable voice and that their voices should be heard. Diversity and inclusion are among our core values.

Women’s Funded: 2017 provides an opportunity for collaboration, inspiration, and new partnerships. Participants will learn about tools for the turbulent times we live in, and come away feeling empowered.

This year, Waggl will be offering attendees an opportunity to be part of the discussion by participating in Waggl pulses. This crowdsourcing will help align everyone that attends to leave with the most actionable insights to help improve their organizations.

Visit Women’s Funding Network to learn more about and their powerful network.

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