Lessons in Alignment from the Solar Eclipse.

When our organizations are aligned and we celebrate employee strengths, magic happens. How can we achieve that beyond mere coincidence?
Yesterday, August 21st, a portion of the continental United States was treated to a rare sight. While partial solar eclipses are relatively common, a total solar eclipse is not. For the first time in nearly 40 years, the moon’s shadow completely blocked the sun for a brief moment. The path of totality was visible from Oregon all the way to South Carolina.

These eclipses are spectacular coincidences. An example of the beauty that can occur when alignment is achieved, even for a moment. But when it comes to our organizations we need to create lasting alignment purposefully.

Some of us spent the last few days or weeks prepping for our eclipse viewing pleasure. Let’s explore some of the steps we might have taken to witness the eclipse that can also help us optimize alignment within our organization.

  • Positioning.
    • For an Eclipse:
      • Eclipses are only visible from certain areas, and some areas are more optimal than others. Spectators traveled for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to place themselves in the path of totality.
    • For your Organization:
      • When you are trying to achieve alignment within your organization you need to pick a starting point. Crowdsource insights around topics that are important to everyone within the organization, or decide on a sub-group of the workforce with urgent needs to address. The place you begin will often help explain the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of your organization.


  • The right tools matter.
    • For an Eclipse:
      • A serious eclipse voyeur will be equipped with the right viewing equipment. This could be special safety glasses or a homemade pinhole viewer.
    • For Your Organization:
      • Be in constant contact with all the members of your organization by employing a real time communication platform, like Waggl. Regularly crowdsourcing for employee insights helps to create a productive listening culture, and employees welcome gamified pulses, unlike the dreaded annual engagement survey.
  • Pay attention until the end.
    • For an Eclipse:
      • Eclipses are rare experiences with their own natural timing. You’ll want to see the entire thing from start to finish, and it doesn’t take long.
    • For Your Organization:
      • Pulses typically stay open for about a week. Checking back in during the process gives you the opportunity to see and vote on the diverse feedback offered by others in your organization, and keep track of how others are responding. Stay in the conversation. It doesn’t take long and will offer tremendous value.


Alignment is exciting. It allows us to feel invested and united by a common purpose. Many of us will feel the pleasant effect that occurs when we randomly align with a group at some point in our lives.  
Progressive organizations understand that purposefully achieving alignment takes some effort. That effort is well worth it. Organizations that make alignment between workforce a priority enjoy a productivity improvement of 20-25% when compared to organizations that have disengaged and disconnected employees.

At Waggl, we’re here to give you the tools and the guidance that help make alignment a reality within your organization. For more information, get in touch for a demo.