Waggl Progressive Leader Spotlight: Katelyn Thompson

Katelyn manages new employee orientation for the hospitals and clinics that make up University of Utah Health system.

New Employee Orientation Strategies
Katelyn Thompson is the HR Events Coordinator at University of Utah Health. When she stepped into the role she took on the monumental task of fundamentally revamping the entire employee orientation process.

“I love recruitment and the excitement of new hires. When our team revamped the process we made it more about in-person learning and engagement and making sure everyone had what they needed from an onboarding standpoint,” Katelyn said.

As the lead in charge on onboarding for all hospitals and clinics at University of Utah Health, Katelyn helps welcome over 1200 people to the organization annually. She uses Waggl throughout the process to ensure there is clear communication and instruction for new hires.

“It’s a passion of mine to handle morale within our organization, and onboarding is an important first step. We have an average of 65 people that start with us every week. The orientations are for all of our hospital and clinic staff, excluding doctors who go to a different orientation with the medical group.”

“There’s a lot of regulatory processes in place that new hires need to be trained in when working in a hospital. Orientation is mandatory because of these regulations, and when I started we had a lot of speakers trying to inform new hires. But the core messages were disappearing in their stories and the process wasn’t working.”

“We went ahead and started turning our modules into in-person learning opportunities. This included a full day where we gave employees a tour of their resources. For our hospital staff we have things that are constantly going to be questions like parking, navigation, and understanding our benefits.”

At University of Utah Health, the onboarding process is constantly evolving. Katelyn and her team study the results of their weekly Waggl pulses at the end of each month to assess employee satisfaction and comprehension of the program. They receive numerous original answers from open-ended questions that offer additional insight into the process.

“When we have these results and this content to back our process we can really change things. We are trying to gather information from new hires, many of whom are millennials. We’re learning about customizing a process for them, and communicating information from onboarding sessions to others in our organization from executives to the front line staff. The Waggl pulse helps us with that communication tremendously.”

As far as her individual role, Katelyn makes sure she is point-person for new hires. Her passion for morale extends to all of those involved in the recruitment process.

“I know it’s been helpful for individuals onboarding to have an advocate. I make my presence known at orientation, and let them know if they have questions or concerns they can reach out. In a large organization you can get left high and dry, and I hope my presence gives individuals someone to hang onto.”

At Waggl, we are thrilled to be supporting the entire team at University of Utah Health as they provide great care to their community. We look forward to seeing how the Waggl platform continues to expand inside their network and providing more insight from progressive leaders like Katelyn inside the organization.

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