How Does Change in the Workplace Affect Employees?

We want to hear about the change initiatives within your organization and how they’ve affected your experience as an employee.

Change Management Software


As individuals and organizations we are becoming accustomed to frequent change. As disruption becomes our only constant we can see a trend emerging: organizations that are agile and responsive to change are more resilient and successful.


Implementing change is an attractive goal, but making sure that the change benefits the organization as a whole can be a challenging process. Annual engagement surveys capture a ton of data about how employees feel their organization is running, but by the time that data is collected and analyzed the specific catalysts for change may have shifted.


Continuous crowdsourcing for feedback allows leadership to have a larger and more holistic view of the organization, and the actionable insights that surface allow for meaningful change. Employees are invited into the fold, and therefore feel invested and rewarded by the process.


We want to hear from you. What changes have you experienced in your workplace recently? Join the conversation by participating in our Voice of the Workplace pulse below. You’ll get real-time access to the conversation as well as a downloadable infographic with the results.

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