Dr. Anton Franckeiss Joins Waggl as Head of Consulting

We’re excited to introduce a new member of our team, and a whole new offering for our valued clients and partners.

Dr. Anton Franckeiss Joins Waggl as Head of Consulting



Dr. Anton Franckeiss has joined Waggl as our Head of Consulting. As a company, we’re thrilled to work alongside him, but we’re also hugely excited for our wonderful Waggl customers who will now have the option of an expanded enterprise service offering.


Anton has a doctorate in OD and Change, and is a Senior Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. He’s worked with blue-chip clients across every corner of the world on projects that bring clarity, genuine transformational leadership, and positive change.


As a highly skilled professional with extensive consultancy experience, he offers high level advisement in organizational design, change management, leadership assessment, and talent management.


In true Waggl fashion, Anton is joining Waggl because of a human connection, in this case with our CEO Michael Papay. He described their history and the series of events that led him to Waggl.


“It’s always been about the strength of personal relationships. Michael and I first met when I was a customer of Fort Hill, and I think we’ve always had an idea that we would work together someday. What brought me into work with Waggl was its evolution over the past year. From an organization scrambling for recognition in small and medium business markets, suddenly in Q3 and Q4 last year Waggl started winning significant corporate accounts.


Michael and I discussed what should be provided in addition to our product, and it was clear we could provide consultancy service that would truly offer value to those that Waggl.”


Anton brings a deeply human and product-led approach to consulting at a time where we are growing rapidly. As we bring more members to the team to help more organizations, Anton will guide the voice of Waggl consulting. He’ll ensure we use our product to create true connection, and change inside of organizations.


We deeply value our culture at Waggl, and that resonated with Anton the first time he walked in Waggl Headquarters. He described the two words that stuck with him after his first visit.


“Trust and respect. Those two values are the reason I’m here. I firmly believe that whatever happens to this business in terms of its growth spurt and leadership, as long as those two values endure then the culture will always be sustainable inside the organization.”


Anton described how he feels Waggl works as a change management system. “There’s a communication system and then there’s what Waggl can do, which is genuinely providing a two-way mechanism that, like a human, hears the voice of the employee. It doesn’t just check a box to say you are communicating, it also checks that you have understanding and buy-in to the idea.”


As the Head of Waggl Consulting, Anton offers enterprise customers an additional layer of support, and an immense amount of value.

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