A Week of Team Building Activities Brought Our Core Values to the Surface

Waggl Celebrates The Opportunity to Bring Every Member of Our Remote Staff to Our Headquarters

Waggl Team Building Excercises


Last week at Waggl we celebrated our third anniversary by bringing together every member of our staff to our Sausalito Headquarters. That meant flying in more than dozen Wagglers from locations across the world.
Our workforce is comprised of a world-class team of incredible talent dispersed globally. Embracing a remote work culture like this wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago, but today our ability to connect with tech has allowed our organization to thrive. The diverse thought present in every facet of our organization helps us create more insightful solutions on a daily basis.
As we scale and our organization grows, our most important priority is maintaining connection to Waggl’s own culture and core values. The past year has seen us racking up an incalculable amount of emails, phone calls, instant messages and video chats. But there is no substitute for the real human connection you experience when working in the same space as fellow colleagues. Diving inwards to examine our organization side by side was essential at this point in our growth to make sure we were all moving forward to the same place together.
Through a series of Waggl pulses, discussions, and team building activities, we aligned on what every member of our organization could agree were our most important core values. We’re proud of these values, and we feel they can help transform any organization that adopts them.
Above all, we put our families first. We consider the people we work with family, and we also trust and support our fellow team members as they take care of those most important to them. We value our listening culture, and we try to base every communication in empathy and transparency. We strive to produce excellent work while maintaining our humility. Our work is fueled by our belief in our product’s ability to transform organizations, and we use drive and grit to push our company forward while remaining agile in a changing marketplace.
Our CEO and Waggl Co-Founder Michael Papay explained the reasoning behind bringing the whole Waggl crew to headquarters.“The goal of having the Waggl team together to celebrate our three year anniversary was really about deepening the connection between our passionate group. Smaller teams were able to connect and align around the important work they are doing, the company was able to deepen its connection with our values through a conversation that involved the whole company (after using Waggl of course), and we were able to connect and experience the many talents of our team in social settings. I can’t wait to see what this incredibly talented group of people will create together over the next year at Waggl.”
Our Waggl headquarters is housed in a building designed to create tankers and liberty ships, where we are now building relationships.  We are experiencing tangibly through our own success, and the progressive leadership of our customers how a platform that creates a listening culture is the ultimate competitive advantage. Our core values are supported by our product, and we live them daily, which helps create an authenticity you can feel when you use Waggl.
To learn more about how Waggl and how we can help create a listening culture within your organization, get in touch for a demo.