Waggl Innovates Employee Engagement at the Redflint Experience Center

Redflint will incorporate Waggl’s crowdsourcing technology in their workshops for businesses in the innovation hub of Las Vegas.

innovate employee engagement at Redflint.jpg


Waggl has been chosen to provide crowdsourced feedback for University of Phoenix’s Redflint™ Experience Center http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/06/prweb14394423.htm, an experiential, hands-on learning environment designed to help spark innovation for companies across a wide array of industries.


The Redflint Experience Center provides startups and established businesses with access to the latest technology and business ideas to help them learn how to be more nimble and relevant in a competitive business landscape.  Based in the vibrant innovative tech and business community in downtown Las Vegas, the 10K+ square foot center hosts local resources to help educate, incubate and accelerate business ideas.  A key attribute of the RedFlint Center is its rotating technology showcase, which provides an up-close look at new technologies and assets that can enhance business performance.


We’re particularly excited about this because we view it as an opportunity to help new and established businesses improve employee engagement, and harness the talent and wisdom of their people toward important goals like innovation. RedFlint addresses, among other issues, the common phenomenon of stagnation inside established businesses. We’ve found that when organizations make an effort to listen to their employees, they typically have a more engaged and motivated workforce, with greater levels of trust, respect, and alignment between colleagues and other stakeholders.  Our unique way of capturing live field intelligence can be utilized by organizations big and small to inspire and activate their talent.

Technology is the great disruptor and companies that don’t innovate can quickly find themselves playing catchup or becoming extinct,” said Dennis Bonilla, executive dean, University of Phoenix, College of Information Systems & Technology. “Waggl’s technology can lend itself as a solution to the challenges that organizations, from startups to Fortune 500s, face on a daily basis.”

Learn more about the Redflint Experience Center, or get in touch to request a demo and learn about how you can create a listening culture within your organization.