Our Waggl CEO and Co-Founder offers tips for success inside a fast-growth company.

Michael Papay sat down with “From Founder to CEO” to speak about Waggl’s culture, and our alternative to the traditional employee engagement survey.

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Recently we were approached by our friends at “From Founder to CEO” for an update on how the last year had treated Waggl and what our plans for the future were. Michael Papay had previously been featured on their podcast discussing how Waggl is a more rapid and transparent feedback platform than the traditional employee engagement survey.
In this interview, Michael discussed Waggl’s growth over the last year and what we view as an organization as our best practices to maintain a healthy and productive culture.
It’s really exciting. We’re coming off of a year where we grew our business by a factor of 6x. At some time it’s not possible to maintain that growth, but we are bullish on being able to do 2.5 or 3x this year.
We as a company have had a conversation about what we think we can do next year. The lens that we look through is what is a growth rate that is fast enough, and allows us to be the premier brand in employee listening while retaining our culture. Ultimately we believe focusing this way will create a great organization, and a great brand.”
Michael also described our unique business model at Waggl and our key functional areas.
“Our true competitive advantage at Waggl is our focus on action, and our focus on creating a great culture. We have a modern day organizational structure designed to really reinforce our culture, and our values of being employee first. We don’t really have formal direct reports and managers, we’re building an organization that’s not hierarchical, but flat. With that said we have four key functional areas:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer success
  • Product development
We also have cross functional support around product management, administration, operations, strategy, innovation.At the end of the day, teams hold other teams accountable, and individuals hold themselves accountable for producing the results we need to achieve their goals.”
You can read the entire interview and check out more great content from other business leaders on “From Founder To CEO.” Get in touch to schedule a demo and learn more about how Waggl can help create a listening culture within your organization.