Don’t Be the Death Star, HR!

May the Fourth Be With You, to all the Star Wars fans out there. Check out this insightful and quirky look into Star Wars organizational culture and leadership from Waggl’s perspective.

Star Wars Waggl.jpg


Star Wars is a franchise steeped in innovation. From that first moment when the Imperial Star Destroyer drifts slowly across the screen in “A New Hope,” millions felt instantly transported to a world where almost anything seemed possible.


In the film, despite fantastic technology that could create hyperspeed, lightsabers, and the Death Star, the characters were all affected most by dramas that were simply human. Problems we all experience in our lives and organizations. As fans we couldn’t help but see that the Star Wars films are full of learning examples for how Waggl can help improve your organizational culture and leadership.


What are the differences between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire? Which side do you think seems more likely to use Waggl?


The Rebel Alliance is a diverse and inclusive community committed to defeating the evil overlord, the Emperor. They believe insight can come from anywhere in their organization. They promote from within. They don’t have to offer any toxic incentives to keep their community motivated because the whole group is aligned around a powerful common goal.


Let’s put the Rebel organization up against The Empire. When people voice an opinion in the Empire, and management doesn’t like it, the workforce messenger literally gets stuck in a chokehold. There is absolutely no room for individuality or diversity, and very little room for upward trajectory.


Organizations like The Empire would never Waggl. Can you imagine the responses they would get if they checked in with the Stormtroopers to ask what the single biggest problem they had with the Empire was?


“It’s hard to innovate in this culture. My ideas (and my colleagues) keep getting shot down”


“Lack of growth opportunities unless you can use the force”


“Lack of railings near super-lasers.”


“We need better life insurance and sensitivity training.”


Likely even the loophole the Rebels discovered, and used to blow up the Death Star could have been avoided if the Empire had allowed their people to have a voice. A disgruntled engineer probably saw the weakness, and tried to alert his manager, but was just put in a chokehold.


Right there in the very first Star Wars film ever made, you can see the destructive effects not listening to your people has on your organization. You might grow to a certain point, even one of great power. But when challenges too large emerge, you don’t thrive. You self-implode.


Don’t be like the Death Star, HR. Listen to your people, and give them a voice!


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