Change is the New Normal

Michael Papay was recently featured in an interview on the Denison Consulting blog explaining how pulse surveys help your organization align during times of change.

Change is the New Norm
It’s been a year since Waggl joined forces with Denison Consulting to offer organizations a dynamic new option to navigate culture. To celebrate the anniversary, Denison recently featured an interview with Michael on their blog where Michael discusses how pulse surveys are different that traditional methods to drive culture change.
Michael explained the gap Waggl was designed to fill, saying “Well, first we saw a need to increase the frequency. Checking in once a year or every other year is clearly not frequent enough. We know employees want to be heard and have more of a say. But we also know that employees aren’t wild about continuing to fill out surveys. So how do we make it a better experience?
To handle that challenge, we wanted to create a lighter, faster, and more consumer-like experience. One of the things we did differently is that we put the employee at the center of the design experience. If companies need more frequent feedback, what’s an experience people will want to come back to? So we focused on making the surveys feel more like a game, allowing employees to vote through colleagues’ answers, which adds an element of crowdsourcing.
We also focused on actionable insight. It’s not good enough to increase frequency and experience, it needs to culminate into action. We knew that the crowdsourcing aspect created a lot of transparency. And we worked on visualizing the results, which make them more actionable. You can see the progress you’re making as you drive change in your organization.”
Michael also described the unique partnership between Denison and Waggl. The D-12 module is a powerful tool for organizations that want to delve deep into their culture and emerge with actionable insight.
“At Waggl, we come from a belief that work should be more fun, more human, more engaging. We shouldn’t settle for just survival, but rewire our processes and ourselves to really thrive. Dension has an incredible model which shows that, without the right culture in place—the right values and behaviors—you’re never going to get to thrive no matter what an individual’s engagement. Culture is the bedrock of that.
We see Denison and Waggl as being complementary. Denison provides an aspect which is not dissimilar to a CFO, in that it’s important to have the long view. But it’s more mature to complement that with something more timely, so that the measures of success are not just annual. We believe Denison has a best-in-breed model, in an area that’s really critical for companies to pay attention to. And then you compliment that with Waggl, which is this fast and flexible tool, and you have a chance to see where your company has materially moved the needle on culture.”
You can read the entire interview on Denison Consulting’s blog. For more information on the D-12 module, or how Waggl can inspire your organization, get in touch. Let’s chat.