Waggl Celebrates Earth Day

Honeybees inspired our innovation.  Now it’s time we start to give back.

definition of biomimicry

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day. The holiday was established in 1970 and has always been intended as a day that celebrates environmental protection. It was with a deep appreciation for the earth, biomimicry, and the intricate communication of the honeybee, that we named our company Waggl.


The concept of biomimicry is one that inspires our work every day. By definition, biomimicry is an imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.


We created a tool that emulates one of the most effective forms of natural communication in the natural world. Waggl helps your organizations thrive through effective and actionable communication.


Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, PhD, biomimicry researcher, and author, explores the tremendous benefits the insights of super-organisms can have on any organization in her new book, “Teeming.” Her work will hold particular significance for organizations challenged with connecting a large workforce and spurring innovation.


She notes, “ Super-organisms also leverage Swarm Creativity to achieve flexible innovation, using three broad principles:


  1. Align action around a compelling shared purpose-a better future.
  2. Launch many parallel, low-investment experiments.
  3. Tune the network to spread innovation or suppress it.”


Innovation has been shown to be at the core of organizational success, and as a species it’s needed now more than ever before to mobilize around environmental protection. It’s time we all begin to align around the shared purpose of preserving our planet, and its natural ecosystems for generations to come.


At Waggl, we feel honeybees have gifted us with so much as an organization. We derive our fundamental ethos from their uniquely effective communication strategy, and our spirit from their wild yet strategic survival mechanism.

For that reason, to celebrate Earth Day, when you sign up for a demo with Waggl in the next 30 days we’ll donate to a charity committed to saving the bees, in your name. Come learn about what makes us Waggl and how we can help your organization to improve in areas such as culture, change, onboarding, and more.