Our Leadership Bench is Expanding

In her new role as Head of Strategy, Alex Kinnebrew will focus on the human side of innovation.

Alex Kinnebrew to Waggl’s management team
We’re thrilled to welcome Alex Kinnebrew to Waggl’s management team.  Alex brings over a decade of experience in business and product innovation, growth and transformation planning, innovation capability building, and more.   Alex Kinnebrew has directed strategy, innovation, and systems design for some of the most respected brands in the world.  Her ability to drive product and business development strategy makes her an invaluable asset to Waggl as we prepare to scale rapidly in 2017 and beyond.
Through Alex’s expertise, Waggl will further develop its own innovation capability. In today’s unpredictable, ever-changing business environment, innovation is widely viewed as a critical core competency and determinant of long-term growth and sustainability.  In recent years, there has been a growing trend to evaluate innovation competency using quantifiable data and metrics focused primarily on productivity and efficiency. These are certainly important, but building and leveraging innovation capability is also highly correlated with a less easily quantifiable measure around employee engagement.
Engagement is closely tied to organizational culture – particularly those qualities like trust, transparency and proactive participation. It turns out that these are also vital indicators of an organization’s innovation capability. Employees that are meaningfully engaged are a rich source of insight and active improvement. They are invested in the process of making things better and thus proactively engaged in innovation.
This is the human side of innovation that is less easy to measure but arguably the single greatest differentiator between organizations that ‘do’ innovation with varying degrees of success vs. those that ‘are’ innovative. In other words, truly vibrant organizations go beyond data to inspire, empower and activate their workforces at a deeper level.
“In order for an organization to be high-performing, all its latent pieces, including its people, need to be activated,” said Alex Kinnebrew.  “This requires the development of capability and infrastructure – but it also requires empowering employees to spot gaps or opportunities, suggest ideas and contribute to building something new or better. In a truly innovative culture, every voice matters and every moment matters – there are no artificial boundaries or expectations around where or how insight-led innovation will occur.”
Waggl helps organizations build a strong culture of innovation by enabling real-time, two-way dialogue to generate ideas, collect and prioritize constructive feedback, and build rapid consensus around execution.  It is a powerful tool for organizations that recognize that their greatest innovation asset is their people.
Alex is scheduled to moderate the upcoming “Innovation Realized 17” event at the Alameda Naval Base, April 24-25, 2017.  Produced by EY in collaboration with C2 and Wired, Innovation Realized 17 is the third annual exclusive retreat for corporate executives and disruptive entrepreneurs. Drawing upon the creative minds at C2, which was founded by Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee, this corporate retreat is being billed as a uniquely creative, dynamic, and interactive environment in which to explore innovation, collaboration, and growth in a digital world.   Rather than listening to lectures, talking heads, and interminable decks, the participants of Innovation Realized 17 are invited to open their minds and shift their perspective by interacting with innovative pioneers and corporate catalysts, and by experiencing emerging technologies from disruptive entrepreneurs.
For additional information, contact us, read the press release, or visit Innovations Realized 17.