Three years and growing!

As Waggl approaches its 3 year anniversary, it’s a great time to reflect on some of our key achievements and sharpen focus on our goals.

Top HR Tech Startup Waggl
Naturally, we’re happy about the unprecedented level of growth we’ve managed to achieve in the past year.  And we are especially proud of the many significant platform enhancements we’ve introduced, including better accessibility, a streamlined user interface, gamification features, and more sophisticated reporting capabilities.  We’ve been fine-tuning our algorithm for thematic analysis of crowd-sourced responses via pair-wise voting to make sure that we are offering the very best insights.   We engage in continuous agile development, pushing the crowd-sourcing of voices to new levels of innovation, while simultaneously responding to requests from our customers in order to drive practical application and ease of use.  
We are truly inspired by the many unique and creative ways our clients and partners are using the Waggl platform to support strategy, innovation, culture, change management, learning, talent development, and more.  In the last 12 months, Waggl has added a number of premiere brands to its client roster, including Paychex and Cadillac Europe.   We are continuing to add more every day, across a wide variety of industries that includes nonprofits, healthcare organizations, financial services, automotive manufacturing and more
In addition to bringing on world class clients, we’ve forged alliances with a number of partners in the past year, including Denison and Agility Consulting, to integrate world class IP into its platform and build out an open content exchange ecosystem.  This will create a deep library of resources, enabling our clients to make the best use of Waggl listening platform to meet their specific objectives.  In addition, we’ve developed marketing partnerships with organizations such as the Northern California Human Resource Association (NCHRA) and the University of Phoenix’s RedFlint Experience Center to expand our reach and collaborate on research.
In order to position for our next phase of growth, we’ve expanded and strengthened our leadership team, with the additions of Alex Kinnebrew as Head of Strategy and Jennifer Conway as Head of Customer Success. In all, Waggl has doubled its headcount in the past year.  These new additions bring the kind of collective experience we need to scale quickly in the coming year, while maintaining the same high levels of customer support and satisfaction that people have come to expect from us.
Through all of these changes, we stay committed and focused on our core values. Waggl‘s employee feedback tool is inspired by efficient communication and the belief that the group is stronger and wiser than any one individual. When a group aligns around a common goal with the best insight, the results are transformative and the community thrives.
We believe that people’s voices should be heard, and we are deeply dedicated to helping organizations create a culture based on listening, trust and mutual respect.  We’ve assembled a great team of experts who are committed to achieving our goals every step of the way, from product development all the way through to exemplary customer service. It’s a privilege to belong to this incredible team, and to help organizations thrive in the face of transformation and change.  Thank you for pushing us to rise to new heights every day.
Help us celebrate our 3rd anniversary by sharing your favorite Waggl experience with us, or visit our demo page to participate in a live pulse.