Creating A Listening Culture In Your Workplace [Webinar]

Craig Bardenheuer is the Vice President of Worldwide Business Innovation and Growth at Juniper Networks. He’ll explain how to create a listening culture in your workplace.


Craig is the face of innovation at Juniper Networks, a technology company with over 9,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Waggl is thrilled to feature his insights on creating an engaged workforce in our April webinar.


At Juniper, Craig is harnessing the collective ideation of his employees with Waggl, and empowering his workforce to develop new ways to use Waggl as a tool. He’s worked across multiple facets of the technology industry, from engineering and product development to marketing and high level management. He’s uniquely qualified to lead one of the most successful companies in the network development industry.


Inside Juniper, Craig’s work is guided by a fundamental belief in the power of listening.


Craig believes that if you want to engage employees, you need to make them part of the conversation. He’ll introduce how he uses Waggl as a tool to keep Juniper innovative and culturally aligned, and give thoughtful insight into how to how to navigate growth and change.


Learn how to create a foundation of trust and listening in your company.


Join us:
Tuesday, April 25 – 11:00-11:45am PT.
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