Six Ways to Increase Interconnection and Engagement in Healthcare


Waggl offers specialized solutions for companies in the healthcare sector.

Six Ways to Increase Interconnection and Engagement in Healthcare
Healthcare is one of the the world’s most essential and complex industries. Transformational change is occurring throughout every sector; from insurance providers to life science organizations to pharmaceutical and hospital systems.
Employees, patients, and shareholders are all demanding increased levels of transparency.
At Waggl, we are deeply committed to serving your healthcare community. We understand that when your organization prospers, we all benefit.
Technology continues to extend further into your practice, and with it comes an immense amount of big data and the challenge of utilizing it. Waggl can help collect insights in real-time, and then distill solutions that create interoperability throughout numerous departments.
Effective coordinated care requires an agile real-time transparency solution.
Deloitte’s 2016 Consumer Healthcare Priorities Survey found that consumers increasingly expect personalization from the health care providers. The report stated that “Consumers want to be heard, understood, and given clear directions through a personalized health care experience.” This individualized care is a journey, and providers offering it rank higher in customer satisfaction.
Waggl helps your organization reach new levels of transparency to drive engagement and create successful collaboration. An emphasis on engagement has been proven to drive better patient experience and drive financial returns. Let’s explore how Waggl can engage your organization by focusing on six areas within the Healthcare Hive.
Medical Hive Diagram 2.png
  1. Change: In this age of frequent consolidation and transition it is essential to maintain alignment amongst employees and leadership to provide effective coordinated care. Using Waggl empowers leadership to create meaningful change without risking patient experience or workplace culture.
  2. Culture: A happy workplace culture leads to increased productivity and quality experiences for everyone connected to your company. Interoperability across multiple departments can be complicated, but Waggl is a solution that enables more natural connection and collaboration.
  3. Events: Employees want to be engaged at every meeting and event, but express universal concern with over-scheduling. Using Waggl allows you to craft insight-driven agendas that create honest dialogue, and deliver actionable solutions and maximized productivity.
  4. Patients: Today patients are faced with a multitude of choices at every step of their healthcare journey. Transparency is the key to to a positive patient experience. Regular patient pulses generate insights that identify organizational strengths, and areas that need improvement.
  5. Strategy: Developing strategies for the complex operational and ethical challenges that face providers is a paramount priority for maintaining coordinated care. Harnessing the insights of the workforce and the patient base leads to individual strategic solutions and better outcomes.
  6. Talent: Recruiting and maintaining top talent in a highly competitive marketplace remains one of the most challenging aspects of the healthcare industry. Insight-directed orientations and follow-up create engagement and support recruitment and the retaining of top talent.
The industry specific hive is designed to be a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry. For more information about Waggl and how we can help, please contact us for a demo.