What Makes Us Waggl


Inspired by nature: Waggl’s Unique Platform Mimics Honeybee Communication



How often do you dance at work to make a point? For the honeybee, the waggle dance is the tool that enables the hive as they work towards their shared purpose: survival. This strategic form of communication is one of the most effective in the natural world, and we found it so inspiring that we made it our namesake.

We have created a platform to leverage the wisdom of crowds like the honeybees do. Waggl‘s employee feedback tool is inspired by efficient communication and the belief that the group is stronger and wiser than any one individual. When a group aligns around a common goal with the best insight, the results are transformative and the community thrives.

Industries are fundamentally changing as we experience a boom in global connectivity.  Cisco IMD found that every industry is experiencing some form of digital disruption every 3.1 years. Those organization that survive and thrive have one thing in common: agility.  Waggl offers a powerful way to bring real-time agility to any organization. With inspiration from honeybee communication, Waggl provides a feedback platform with which to implement agility and thrive throughout change.

In an era of tremendous advancements, organizations are facing complexities and challenges unseen before. The ability to engage everyone in the workforce in real-time was not available 20 years ago, and today it is essential to creating business agility and implementing organizational strategy. In times of change, this is even more essential. Disengaged employees and fragmented or siloed teams cause a slow-down, and inefficiency in business operations. This can be frequently traced back to a lack of alignment and agility, and it affects overall productivity.

Progressive leaders create a listening culture that allows every member of the community to share their insights despite geographic and departmental silos.

Waggl creates the same sense of alignment you might feel if you physically walked to each of your colleagues’ desks to check in. Those brief human exchanges give you insight into your coworkers priorities and challenges, and create a sense of cohesion and engagement that informs your work. This kind of communication isn’t possible in a company of 1000, much less one that is 100,000. Something is needed to enhance the organizational cohesion and create alignment.

With Waggl you can communicate with the entire organization in real-time.  Prioritized feedback through crowdsourcing provides transparent and actionable insight so the best ideas are surfaced from everyone in the organization.

You can dive further into the world of the honey bee with this fascinating scientific analysis ,or watch our CEO Michael Papay in action as he walks you through what makes us Waggl.

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