GetApp Taps Waggl As A Tool To Boost Employee Engagement

“This employee feedback app taps into the key metric of employee engagement by allowing you to listen to what your workers really want,” says GetApp editor Karen McCandless.

GetApp Taps Waggl As A Tool To Boost Employee Engagement


We asked GetApp editor Karen McCandless why she chose to feature Waggl in Improve employee retention: How to stop your workers from quitting their jobs, and she offered the following.


“Replacing top talent is extremely expensive, it can cost up to 400 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace them.”


“This makes finding ways to address employee flight risk crucial to the success of any business. However, it’s imperative to find out what would make your employees happy first, before rolling out costly programs and improvements that may not have any effect.”


“If your employees want improved transparency, more training and development, and better compensation, buying a table tennis table and some healthy snacks isn’t going to help with retention. That’s why software like Waggl is so important. As employees are more engaged and invested in the company, and because they feel like their needs and problems are being heard and acted upon, they are most likely to stay at the company. This is why it was featured in GetApp’s article on employee retention,” she said.


Waggl was mentioned on GetApp amongst other leading providers in tech transparency. In the article our very own Co-Founder Michael Papay offered his thoughts on turnover, employee education, and the importance of a constantly pulsing feedback system.


“Pulse surveys provide an easy, efficient way to keep the channels of communication open, but it’s even more important to create an open forum for a richer, ongoing two-way dialogue between that builds connection, collaboration, and alignment across the organization, facilitating forward momentum and growth. ”


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