Make Organizational Meetings Matter

Max McKeown said “A great strategy meeting is a meeting of minds.” There’s a better way to get to the point.

Engaging your employees at work has been proven to create more productive and prosperous companies. Assembling for town halls, offsites, and smaller internal meetings is an essential tradition. It should lead to alignment and growth, but if the meetings don’t have actionable agendas, employees can leave feeling disconnected and bored. Workforce’s annual study on “The State of Enterprise Work” reported for the second year in a row that employees in office environments feel that meetings were their single biggest obstacle to productivity.

Ineffective meetings may be a common problem, but they don’t need to be an ongoing one.

According to Virgin Pulse, 80% of businesses plan to improve their corporate culture in 2017. Engagement is on every leader’s mind, and the asset of employee ideation is within grasp with the right tools. This is why Entrepreneur magazine suggested Waggl as a tool that delivers solutions for events, and our accessible platform is ready to help you plan and deliver big change.

Rapid crowd-sourcing like Waggl allows you to gather insights before and after an event. Asking employees prior to a Town Hall what one topic they want leadership to address will instantly create an agenda. Employees submit unique responses, and also vote for other employee ideas they feel to be most important. Priorities emerge that lead to thoughtful discussion. A follow-up pulse gauges the success of the meeting, and just like that your company has started a cycle to improve engagement.

It’s easy to start making small changes that will add up to a big impact. Book a Waggl demo to find out how your organization can transform events.