Accelerating Performance and Purpose with Workplace Trust [Webinar]

Casey Fenton, authority on Ultimate Trust Experiments will explain how trust experiments can inform trust In the workplace.

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Waggl is proud to present Casey Fenton in our upcoming webinar Accelerating Performance and Purpose with Workplace Trust. Casey is the co-founder and founding chairman of CouchSurfing, CEO and Founder of Sovolve, and CEO and Founder of Mastly.

As a serial entrepreneur, Casey’s work is guided by a belief that broadening our horizons creates more opportunity for exploration, innovation, and growth. In this webinar he’ll explore the ways we can build trust both individually and organizationally, and address common challenges and key strategies organizations face when creating an environment of trust.


CouchSurfing is based on a concept: how much do you have to trust someone to let them sleep on your couch? 

Members are connected by their shared interests, and they connect via a platform that is based on a gift economy. The program inspires real connection between members, and allows would-be travelers who want an authentic, local way to travel and be enriched by different cultures. A greater sense of understanding about the world around us leads to a strong sense of self.

An organization also needs to have a definitive vision of self as it relates to company culture, mission, and purpose. Every member of the company should be aligned behind a collective goal. For that to happen companies need to be to have an overarching confidence that the business is operating fairly, and that their contributions are recognized.

Waggl’s most recent Voice of the Workplace pulse on trust found that among participants, 37% did not trust their immediate supervisors to make decisions with their best interest in mind. There has never been a more vital time to keep your employees engaged, and to be able to confidently foster trust and transparency within your organization.

Casey’s key talking points will include:

  • Couchsurfing-perhaps the largest trust experiment of all time
  • Global Trust Overhead-the cost of trust on GDP
  • Types of Trust: Social, Personal, Professional
  • 5 Types of Tribes. Who is your ‘we?
  • Interpersonal Trust: Givers, Matchers, and Takers


The Webinar will be presented
Thursday, March 16 from 11:00-11:30 AM PT. 
Space is limited, so REGISTER TODAY!