Your Demographic Groups, Right at your Fingertips

See your groups and choose to display demographic information (or not!).

Viewing Waggl results by demographic groups has empowered Waggl customers across the globe to gain a real-time bird’s eye view of their organization. This powerful feature just improved by increasing visibility into current demographic groups loaded in the account. With newly released Participant Groups, administrators can access a full view of the current demographic information configured in the account.

This visibility of pre-loaded demographic data shows administrators what will populate automatically in the platform when people participate in a pulse. We discovered that sometimes administrators want the option to send a pulse without any demographics, so we’ve added a switch to opt-out of demographic tracking.

Curious to know more? Here’s how to use Participant Groups:

Using Participant Groups: Your account shows the demographic data that has been loaded into Waggl as “Participant Groups.” You can view the Participant Groups and the number of people in each group under Account Settings.

Turning off Participant Groups: On the Create New Pulse screen admins can view or turn off Participant Groups. This allows you to select a specific audience for your pulse. Pulses that are department specific may yield more actionable results.

For further clarification on using Participant Groups, please contact [email protected]