Holiday stress could be impacting your workforce

Holiday stress is real. Employees are being bombarded at work and in their personal lives with social gatherings, annual reflections, closeouts, and personal commitments. Why not ask them how they are doing?
AppointmentPlus recommended Waggl in its article 10 Ways To Increase Your Productivity In 30 Days Or Less for such a task. “Use a tool like Waggl to assess your employee’s perception of your workplace culture, as well as their current stress level and means of managing expectations.” wrote Bob La Loggia, AppointmentPlus’ CEO.

Three benefits of Waggl he mentioned were:

  • Understanding employee perception of workplace culture
  • Measuring current employee stress level
  • Managing workforce expectations
The most meaningful benefit of Waggl is that, unlike a traditional survey, results are available within days or even hours. Traditional surveys can’t do this. By the time most organizations crunch their data using a traditional survey, the window has closed for the problem researched and subsequent pain points have cropped up. 
The value of real-time feedback isn’t limited to the holidays. In business, when your current issue is happening, new problems are coming down the pike along with them. Only a real-time employee voice engine like Waggl can identify and help you respond to these situations in such a natural, agile way. 
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