Why do Managers Struggle?

The answer may surprise you, but it has a lot to do with training.

In a new Huffington Post article, Michael Papay, Waggl CEO, and William Gentry Director of Leadership Insights and Analytics / Senior Research Scientist for the Center for Creative Leadership explain.

Waggl’s recent Voice of the Workplace pulse results clearly illustrate that training is a dire need. Two-thirds of HR and business professionals who responded said that current programs don’t meet their organization’s development needs.

According to William Gentry, author of The Insider’s Guide to Becoming the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For, “Becoming a manager is one of the most stressful and challenging transitions in any career.” He said, “When you become a manager, everything about your job needs to change—your skillset, the nature of your work relationships, your understanding of what ‘work’ is, and how you see yourself and your organization. You have to operate from a brand new script, one that’s about ‘we’—ensuring collective success.””

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William was a recent guest speaker on the subject for a Waggl webinar. Check out the recording.