Waggl Launches Manager Reporting Feature To Aid Team Management

Managers spend so much time trying to effectively engage their workforce and motivate them. This is is often hard to measure and clouded with opinion. What if you could get real, transparent, human feedback on how your managers are doing and pinpoint successes and challenges with the click of a mouse? Waggl has been listening to you and we recently launched a new feature to enable Manager Reporting.

“We know that the relationship between employees and their direct manager is a critical driver of engagement. This new reporting feature gives managers a real-time view into how their people (those that report to them) are responding. In most organizations, managers have to wait for months after the completion of a survey to receive this information, but not with Waggl.” Adam Tanner, Co-Founder and Product Management at Waggl.

With this new feature, managers get customized results that are broken out to be specific to smaller teams so that the leaders in your company get immediate results to empower them to take quick action.

Managers log into Waggl to see custom reporting tailored to their direct reports and the managers who report to them. At one glance and in real time, a manager can see how his or her team has responded to the Waggl. Our customers shared with us that Senior Managers needed visibility beyond their direct reports. We built in a comprehensive way for Senior Managers to see both their direct reports’ and the results for the managers who report up to them.

The featured company above wanted to know if employees felt that they had open and honest conversations with their managers and it scored a 58%. The Manager Reporting view was able to show if a certain department is doing very poorly while another is having more success in communicating with talent.

This is the view of one Senior Manager. After using the Manager Reporting feature, it became apparent that both the Senior Manager and Sean were identified as a high performing communicators. John and Carmona were performing better than the company average, but the teams showed room for improvement.

With this information, it was so easy knowing what the next steps were. The Senior Manager with score of 71 was able to facilitate a conversation between the teams. After speaking with them about the results, Sean revealed an internal process that made his communication more effective in his team.

The company made some small changes and scores improved across the board in a very natural, human way. This short Waggl pulse only took one day and it made a strong impact in team efficiency and talent engagement.

“Waggl empowers people at every level of the organization. Since the beginning, we have empowered the workforce to share their best ideas. Now, we put even greater visibility in the hands of managers with our new manager reporting capability.” Kate Benediktsson, Head of Ignition and Experience at Waggl.

If you are ready to try manager reporting, we would love to show you. Contact us today to schedule a demo and start using this feature.