Is an Innovative Workplace More Important than Pay?

Waggl recently partnered with thNorthern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA), one of the nation’s largest HR associations, to reach out to more than twenty thousand HR professionals about their outlook toward innovation in the workplace.  Results indicated that 73% agreed that innovation is even more important than pay scale in retaining and attracting top talent. 

Is an Innovative Workplace More Important than Pay?

But respondents were divided about whether their own place of employment is innovative (with 60 percent saying yes, vs. 41 percent saying no).  According to Ingrid Stabb, Associate Vice President of Marketing, NCHRA was intrigued by the dichotomy between the percentage of HR professionals who clearly value innovation, and yet do not believe that their own place of employment is innovative. “These results strengthen our commitment toward listening to the HR community’s insights, and helping our members put those insights and values into practice in the workplace.”
Participants were also asked the open-ended question, “What innovation would you like to see in the workplace?”  The common themes that emerged from 2,966 votes included using new or improved technology, employee engagement, working from home, better approaches to performance management, and moving away from paper.
In addition, at the recent HR West conference in Seattle on July 15th NCHRA used Waggl to pose the question, “What area of HR needs the most innovation and why?” to over 200 HR professionals in attendance at the event.  

Here are the top three answers that were crowdsourced in real-time:
  1. Talent management – We need to learn what’s important to potential and new employees in order to increase tenure and engagement.  How do we maintain productivity and yet allow them time to build community at work?
  2. Performance Reviews. Because feedback should be ongoing vs. once a year.
  3. Leadership coaching, because so many HR issues stem from poor leadership.”

We are excited about the depth and breadth of insights that emerged from these two pulse surveys.  It is clear that HR professionals believe that innovation is important, particularly when it comes to managing talent.  It is also evident that they feel that there is some work to be done in order to encourage innovation by increasing the frequency of feedback.  Listening and creating a 2-way dialogue is the key to fostering better understanding for business leaders and employees alike.
As phrased by the keynote speaker at HR West, Steve Cadigan of Cadigan Talent Ventures“The great organizations of the future are listening for insights now, not years from now.  HR professionals have a chance to make more of an impact in the world now than ever before.”

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