Which is more important: An Insightful Interview Question or a Stellar Resume?

We recently posed a question to hundreds of HR and business leaders and learned that a healthy majority of them feel that a good interview question is more important.  Responses were fairly consistent across geography, organization size, and job title/role. Here’s exactly what we asked…

Do you believe that an insightful interview question is more valuable than a resume for assessing a potential candidate?   We also asked participants, “What’s your most insightful interview question and why?” and distilled their crowdsourced responses into a ranked list.  To see the ranked top 10 interview questions, check out the full infographic and news release.  

We were interested to see that the majority of participants were focused on questions that discerned leadership potential, interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to receive and utilize constructive feedback than in traditional interview questions that focus solely on past accomplishments or future goals.

Waggl can be used to capture diverse ideas and opinions into real-time infographics. 

Thank you to the following organizations who helped reach out to the audience of HR and Business Leaders who participated in this pulse: Advanced Learning Institute (ALI), Executive Networks, InsiderHub, and Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA)

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