Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary and Growing!

If you’re lucky, life offers you the opportunity to be part of a team that has the chance to solve an important problem and in the process create something original.  In 2013, when Waggl was still just a gleam in my eye, we sat down to define and articulate our personal beliefs around this new entity we were about to create.  What we identified in 2013 is still what we believe today.

Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary and Growing!

We sought to create an organization built on the idea that listening to people is valuable.  It’s the foundation of every relationship.  We wanted to build a real-time listening platform that helps to strengthen connections, distill insights, and encourage transparent dialogue that allows people to contribute, feel more engaged and motivated.  We strove to unite people through purpose.  

The workplace is an important community and we build trust within that community by showing employees that they matter and that they can make a difference.  And perhaps most of all, we aimed to make things better for employees by taking a holistic view of the organization and highlighting how important it is to make everyone feel heard, included and connected.
A few months later, in the spring on 2014, Waggl was born. And in just two short years, we have ignited an entirely new way to capture authentic feedback and achieve real-time alignment. Just take a look at some of our most recent accomplishments:

  • 4,600+ questions asked
  • 68,000+ voices heard
  • Over 1,000,000 passionate votes
As we celebrate our 2-year anniversary, our core beliefs are stronger than ever.  We are growing rapidly, and giving tens of thousands of people a voice and a seat at the table. We are breathing life into the work environment by taking a preventative/proactive approach to solving problems before they arise.  We are creating better management through transparency

Our momentum is clearly building, but this is just the beginning – stay tuned to see what we do in the next two years.  By scaling this to magnitude, we can create a sea change.  This is the way organizations will thrive in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Waggl’s progress. We are excited to continue partnering with organizations all over the world to create meaningful listening cultures where everyone’s voice can be heard.

Michael Papay
Waggl CEO