Key Trends – Workplace Transformation Study [Infographic]

Waggl’s Research Division “The Voice of the Workplace” has distilled the Key Trends from the Cisco/IMD Initiative on Workplace Transformation. Your free copy of the infographic is ready!

The in-depth report surveyed over 75 disruptive startups, 12 CEOs of most innovative companies, and 1,000 global executives. We have simplified the findings in this infographic.

The full report highlights the projected digital disruption of industries, with recommendations for forward-looking organizations to leverage agility. Many companies currently focus their transformation efforts on IT and business processes, which too often results in neglecting the people in the workforce.

The report also parallels a recurring theme Waggl customers have shared; organizations need to be human, and they need to be agile when facing a rapidly changing work environment. Organizational agility is vital. Video of leaders speaking about agility.

We have captured the essence of the full report into an easy-to-read infographic as our gift to you.

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