City of San Diego partners with Waggl

We’re over the moon about the fact that the City of San Diego just announced that they will use Waggl to enhance communication with over 10,000 employees.  It’s a great day when the 8th largest city in the US decides to bring you on board to help increase collaboration. 

City of San Diego partners with Waggl

Our partnership with the City of San Diego actually began last year, when they piloted Waggl to support their strategic planning and were able to take a more inclusive approach to sourcing insight while rapidly reaching alignment.

Based on the success of that initial program, they’ve expanded their usage this year to give every employee the opportunity to contribute their ideas to major change, culture, planning, and other city initiatives.  The City’s Economic Development Department also used Waggl to pose questions to small businesses, asking for feedback on how the City can best support them.

In the midst of an increasingly gridlocked political climate across the country, the City of San Diego serves as a model for how to increase efficiency and productivity in the government sector.  San Diego is very much adopting a ‘customer centric’ mode of governing akin to how businesses in the private sector manage customer satisfaction. The leaders of San Diego recognize that getting feedback from both employees and constituents leads to alignment and higher levels of engagement and performance. It’s really exciting to be part of this process.

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