Simple Sign on – No Email Required!

Waggl is now more inclusive than ever. Waggl at its roots stands for inclusion. We believe that including all voices in a focused conversation creates insight and alignment across an organization in real time. With an exciting new no-email feature, Waggl customers are able to include participants without any email required.

Our customers shared stories with us of employees who would love to include their voices in an enterprise-wide Waggl pulse but were unable to. The reason? They didn’t have email addresses. Other customers gave us feedback that in pulsing into their customer base, they wanted to have a simple, frictionless way to have a conversation with all of their customers at one time in a Waggl pulse. We took our own advice and took action based on this valuable feedback.  Result: a powerful new feature to include all voices.

Now in every employee pulse, there is an option to choose whether a pulse requires an email, does not require one, or makes it optional to use an email to access a pulse. Since this feature is designed on a pulse-by-pulse basis in the Advanced Features, sending a Waggl pulse now has the agility our customers love, without “leaving anyone behind.”

Sending a pulse without requiring an email is designed to create the most inclusive possible experience for sending a Waggl pulse. For enterprise employees who do not have email addresses or for sending a pulse to large customer lists in the smoothest way possible, Waggl’s new no-email feature gives everyone the opportunity to be heard.