Waggl in the News

Waggl has had the privilege of proprietary research appearing in the media in the first few weeks of 2016. Here’s a rundown:

Waggl In The News

4 HR Priorities You Need To Focus On In The New Year which appeared in Entrepreneur, references much of our data from the 2016 HR Priorities Study, including 74% of HR leaders noting that encouraging a growth mindset and leadership at all levels was a key factor for the upcoming year.

Most Employers Fail To Engage Workers In Decision-Making,” from SHRM, also used our 2016 Priorities work — but also focused on collaboration and engagement. When asked “Do you think it’s a good idea to engage your workforce on issues facing the company,” 97% of respondents agreed. However, when the question changed to “Do you think your company is doing a good job getting feedback from employees,” the affirmative dropped to only 38%, which is a large disconnect that confronts many organizations today.

Annul The Annual Survey,” from Workforce.com, speaks to an issue that is core to why Waggl was created; real-time, transparent feedback must replace the old model of once-per-year surveying and performance reviews.

Waggl CEO, Michael Papay, was quoted in the article:
“Organizations need leaders and managers who are equipped to have more frequent conversations,” he said. “It’s what the millennials expect: more frequent, more authentic and more candid conversations. Let’s get real about what the issues are here.”

We’re excited to kick-off a series of Waggl Research Pulses this year.  Stay tuned for more!