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Waggl is an agile Employee Voice platform that measures, and truly improves engagement.

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Why Employee Voice?


World-class organizations are listening to their people with Employee Voice.

Why Waggl?

Real-time crowdsourced insight aligns teams and leaders around action.

Speed to Action

Immediate results accelerate time to impact.


Valuable insight can come from anywhere.


Appropriate transparency builds alignment and accountability.


Platform flexibility supports benchmark and custom pulsing.

From months to days

“The fact that everyone got to see the results in real-time was big. With traditional surveys, it takes months to get the results back and analyze them. With Waggl, we did this in a week. This makes us more agile, and this is what we need.”

Sachin Jain
Sachin Jain Global Culture & Engagement Director Talent Management
From secretive to inclusive

“Creating an open, transparent forum where people can have their say makes HEINEKEN a better place to work. This is not HR wizardry – it’s letting people join the important conversations.”

Cat Kennedy
Cat Kennedy Former Senior Director of Organizational Development
From HR owned to manager/
employee led

“I spend a lot of my time coaching managers that they don’t always have to have the answers. Waggl gives them a clear roadmap to talk about what really matters to the team, and then act on this together.”

Mike Taylorson
Mike Taylorson Vice President of Leadership & Strategy
Texas Children’s Hospital
From ‘wait and see’
to ‘do something’

“With Waggl we can ask everyone ‘What is one way we can make progress?’ Then we learn what we can do today to move forward.”

Linda Aldred
Linda Aldred Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Josh Bersin
“Waggl’s uniqueness lies in its ability to deliver action better than any other tool on the market by crowdsourcing information from employees. People know their work matters in shaping the future. This is the heart of Engagement 4.0.
Josh Bersin, HR Tech Global Analyst
Process Shredder

Simplify Work.
Engage with Purpose.

Learn why Josh Bersin thinks organizations “should
launch a Process Shredder in every department.”

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What’s in a name?
Waggl is inspired by nature.

A waggle is the dance honeybees perform to communicate vital information to each other. In fact, there is no better natural analogy than the honeybee hive to describe how a healthy organization uses effective communication to align on decision making and take action.

Waggl Bee

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