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A responsive listening culture results in a more engaged and motivated workforce. It also yields other benefits -- like greater trust and respect between colleagues and deeper alignment around issues big and small. Learn more about each Solution by exploring the Hive icons.

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Waggl for Talent
Learn what support and training employees need to succeed in their roles. Design training programs that are effective and appreciated. Use Waggl to boost training effectiveness, manager feedback, on-boarding, and many more areas that benefit from frequent communication and actionable insight.
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Waggl for Strategy
Test understanding, alignment and support of strategy, as well as solicit contribution and feedback to strategy building. Use Waggl to view metrics around key initiatives and track improvement over time.
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Waggl for Change
Stay on the pulse of employee sentiment during changes by asking meaningful questions and delivering relevant information about objectives and progress. Use Waggl to get real-time insight and feedback on implementation effectiveness and organizational alignment.
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Waggl for Communities
Vibrant communities must sustain high engagement from members to advance their mission and objectives. Waggl helps all kinds of ‘communities’ like associations, non-profits, fan clubs even customer groups create rich and rewarding experiences for members by enabling active participation in things like event planning, strategy building, research, product launches, and more.
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Waggl for Culture
Promote strong culture and high levels of employee engagement through regular, transparent dialogue around topics that range from pure fun to serious. Use Waggl to glean real-time insight and identify key trends that help or hinder your culture — then track progress over time.
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Waggl for Events
Identify the most important agenda items or topics to cover at your next Town Hall, Team Offsite, or Conference. Use Waggl to stay on the pulse of participants by asking meaningful questions and creating continuous engagement. Gather feedback before, during, and/or after your event.
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is buzzing with Waggl

At Ellie Mae, it’s the employees — not the administrators — who are promoting Waggl all around the company. From product sales to customer engagement, from technical services to leadership offsite design — Waggl is in high demand!

“It would be nearly impossible to overstate how quickly Waggl has changed how we communicate here... Everyday someone has a new idea of how to use it.”

Cathleen Schreiner Gates

EVP for Sales and Marketing at Ellie Mae

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