Meet the Waggl Team

We believe every voice matters

Decision-making groups, whether honeybee or human, can be smarter than even their smartest individuals. People are treasure troves of often-overlooked insight. When we listen to the collective we gain wisdom and insight that improves organizations.

Waggl is inspired by nature

60,000 bees find a way to communicate individual information quickly and accurately through a dance called the waggle. This shared information leads them to prosperity. Collective insight allows any organization to thrive.

Our Experienced Operating Team

We are a passionate team with extensive expertise in HR Technology, Saas Product Engineering, Coaching, and Performance Development Solution Implementation for Fortune 500 companies and Governmental organizations, with a world-class team of Designers and Software Engineers. Waggl began its journey over a decade ago, within a globally recognized HR technology company called Fort Hill Company and quickly emerged as its own entity.

The Waggl philosophy is guided by two organizational realities: companies want actionable feedback and an engaged workforce and employees want to know that their opinions matter.

Michael Papay


I believe respect is the fuel that powers amazing organizations and relationships. #wagglwhileyouwork

Adam Tanner


I believe that people inside organizations have critical knowledge that, when harnessed, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Drew Batshaw


I believe it’s simple; Connection = Life.

Justin Fedick


I believe that people feel most invested in something when they have a voice in its direction.

Kate Benediktsson

Marketing & Experience

I believe that empathy and trust are the foundation for performance.

Kim James

Partner Operations

I believe in creating community within organizations.

Tony Mitchell


I believe everyone should have a voice, and who wouldn't want betterment?

Alex Kinnebrew


I believe meaningful dialogue around things we care about builds trust, respect and creative collaboration.

Jedd Parker


I believe in our team and that we are a change agent.

Jennifer Conway

Customer Success

I believe taking the time to listen can make all the difference.

Alex McMullin

Account Management

I believe the knowledge is in the people… let them be heard!

Hui Lin Tan

Customer Success

I believe that everyone should have a voice about the things that impact their lives.

Tommy Herbst

Business Development

I believe in inclusion.

Thomas Adams

Business Development

I believe organizations are stronger when every voice is heard.

Axel Lessio


I believe when people join forces effectively, they also become better individuals.

Harold Coronado


I believe that inclusion is the most important aspect for true integration.

Mila Stoupnikova


I believe that even the quietest voice should be heard.

Carlos Pando


I believe in equality; everyone has the right to be heard.

Anton Franckeiss

OD & Action

I believe in helping all our clients turn strategy into action, feedback into reality.

Jimmy Chen

Business Development

I believe introspection drives growth.

Julia Winn


I believe true connection can create transformational change.

Claudia Sanchez


I believe a company becomes more successful when working as a team.

Adam Levandoski

Customer Success

I believe that the greatest progress is made when even the quietest voices have a chance to be heard.

Marc Campos

Account Management

I believe the key to valuable insight is to give the people that provide it an effective platform.

Kevin Payne


I believe that small habits when done consistently over time have a positive effect on organizations.

Kiko Campos

Business Development

I believe we can win together with respect and trust.

Juan Gallisa


I believe that we are here for others.

Jay Lee


I believe employees.each { |e| e.voice_matters == true }

Meghan Gehle

Office Manager

I believe that building bridges starts with human connection.

Office Locations

  • Sausalito, California
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Lima, Peru
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Board of Directors

Michael Papay

CEO of Waggl and former CEO of Fort Hill Company, HR Technology pioneer and frequent author for Fast Company

Jeff Snipes

Executive Chair

Former Founder and CEO of Ninth House

Joe Abrams

Cofounder of Software Toolkits and MySpace

Ignace Goethals

Former President, SmithKline Beecham AH and former Chairman of Allergy Therapeutics PLC

Our Advisors

Robert Hohman

Co-Founder and CEO Glassdoor and former President at Hotwire & Expedia

Rusty Rueff

Former EVP of HR Electronic Arts and HR Executive with the PepsiCo, current Board of Director for Hirevue and Glassdoor

Andy Getsey

Partner at Theorem Ventures and former advisor to LinkedIn, Jobvite, and Hirevue

Peter Bardwick

Former CFO of RocketFuel, Board Member of Sokanu, and CFO of the Year for Small to Mid-Size Public Companies in 2014

Rob Bernshteyn

CEO at Coupa Software and former VP of Global Product Marketing & Management at SuccessFactors

Alicia Mandel

Former CLO for Apollo Education Group, CHRO of US Olympic Committee, Director of Employee Engagement of American Express

Dr. Bruce Reed

High performance organization consultant, former Head of Organizational Development Ashland Inc.

Derek Sidebottom

VP of HR for 3DR Robotics, Co-founder of Farside HR Solutions, former VP of HR RocketFuel, high growth and operational efficiency specialization

Courtney Harrison

Former VP and Global HR Business Partner for Juniper Networks, Senior Faculty for Center for Creative Leadership, Chief HR and Events Services of US Olympics