Stop Surveying, Start Waggling

The most human way for organizations to crowdsource feedback.


Waggl is Agile

A rapid way to get actionable feedback and insight — in real-time

author Alicia Mandel
Chief Learning Officer at Apollo Education Group

The way Waggl differentiates itself really has to do with action. You ask a question, you get answers, and the next day you can go out and do something about it.

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Waggl is Simple

powerful way to connect people and enhance communication

  • Set up and send a pulse in minutes
  • Use pairwise voting to crowdsource and rank responses
  • Generate heat maps, analytics, and infographic reporting

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Waggl is Human

An easy way to inspire engagement and build alignment

author Thomas McShane
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, City Electric Supply

Culture is so important to us…we have a phenomenal culture. With all our work around internal communications, the CEO chose Waggl because it was a no-brainer!

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author Derek Sidebottom
VP of HR, 3DRobotics

In less than a week, the dialogue changed significantly. Culture and Talent moved from an HR discussion based on intuition - to a leadership discussion based on data. In all my experience with the annual engagement survey, this transition has never happened so fast.

author Michela Moe
Conference Producer, Advanced Learning Institute (ALI)

We are differentiating ourselves in the conference world because Waggl allows us to enhance our attendee experience by asking them what they want to learn then tailoring the material to their learning objectives.

author Ingrid Stabb
Associate VP Marketing, NCHRA

Waggl is the poster child for innovation in HR.

author Suzanne Scott
Senior HR Manager, The Marketing Store

It's the transparency... everybody sees what's happening at the same time, and that has great power. When employees feel like they have that kind of voice, it's impossible to ignore.

author Tia Prevo
HR Manager, Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Waggl brings us closer to people, faster!